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"Buying a home in San Francisco seems like 1) a dream, 2) impossible, and 3) for the rich. I know that many people think that way, and I know that we thought that when we debated on where to buy a home. But what we really needed was someone to walk us through the process and show us that home ownership in San Francisco can be a reality. And we have the keys to prove it thanks to Jacquelyn Pio Roda.

Jacqui took us from home shoppers to home owners in less than three months. A referral from our lender, we realized that her relationship with the lender (Wells Fargo) was unstoppable when it came to making our dreams reality. Jacqui and her team worked tirelessly to make sure we were happy with our process, that we understood what was required of us, and helped us strategize. It's easy to feel intimidated, but with Jacqui in your corner, you not only felt prepared, you felt confident, assured, and capable.

As first time home buyers, we didn't know what to expect from the home buying process, but we had a partner to help us along, not someone who was looking for a commission or laid on the pressure to buy. Jacqui was patient with our many questions, was willing to come see us at our workplace when travelling to her office would have been inconvenient, and was accessible all around the clock. If we were panicked with questions late at night, we got a response within an hour. My damn best friend won't even call me back on the same week!

If you're going to make this huge commitment to buy a home, you want someone who's going to be on your side, who understands what you're looking for, and someone with whom you can be utterly confident. I am so pleased with my experience and so grateful that we had her on our team that I can't help but highly recommend Jacqui to anyone who will listen. She's that good. I'm starting to think she's either a jedi or just really good at what she does. Hell, maybe she's both.

In short, we have a house that we thought we couldn't afford (but actually could, thanks to her guidance), and a realtor we want to tell the world about. Call her ASAP - cause your house is out there, and Jacqui will help you get it."

-Charlene L-S.

"I've watched a lot of HGTV. So many shows try to portray the whole home buying experience in a half an hour episode. It's silly...condensing all the stress, emotion, and work into a half hour. Jacqui wasn't THAT magical, but here's what she did for us:

We weren't really planning on buying a home until we've saved enough for a hefty down payment. However, there is so much pressure because of the constantly rising interest rates etc. Luckily Jacqui was referred to us by our Wells Fargo lender. She absolutely did NOT disappoint. I had previously contacted other realtors who either didn't call me back or return my emails. Jacqui was the total opposite.

She responded to every email, tweet, call in such a timely manner that it really made us feel like we were her only clients. This is her BEST quality. When you work with her, you will feel like you are her ONLY customer and that she is giving you 110% of her time and energy. Think Rod Tidwell and Jerry Maguire only better.  She was a God send!

In less than 2 months Jacqui helped us see the houses we were interested in and helped us close on a GREAT deal. There was not a single day that went by without her constant guidance and support through the whole process. We never felt any pressure at all. She made the whole home buying experience such a dream that if I were a millionaire I would spend most of my time buying property with her. I'm not kidding. She is THAT great. I will miss working with her now that she helped us close our deal but I look forward to working with her again someday when we can upgrade!!!

Do yourself a favor if you've lost all hope in buying a home in the bay area. Call Jacqui ASAP. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!"

-Cary S.

"Jacqui Pio Roda made it possible for us to own our first dream home.
First, she really listened to what we are looking for.  Then suggested a couple of different properties and took a tour with her. Placed a couple of bids at the time when the housing market was off the charts way overbidding.  Sounds like a typical realtor, right? Wrong.


She will move mountains for you to get the property that you desire. In our case, we found ourselves bidding for other houses because the houses in the area we really liked were NOT even for sale.  She knew that we have our hearts set on a certain community.  But with her magic, charisma, honesty and hard work, a potential seller contacted us and considered to sell the house to us.  We could not believe it!  We know how the story ended.  Upto this day, its amazing how Jacqui was able to find our ideal home in an area we love, got someone to sell it to us directly without having to compete with all the crazy overbidding buyers out there at the time.

The whole buying process became fun even if it was stressful.  She answered every question we had and she went through every step with us.  She will meet you any time and place.  We never felt we were forced to buy.  Actually, she will even help you decide on what you really want.


She made paperwork as stress free as it can get.  We also loved the fact that even after her job was done, she still gave us suggestions on house maintenance insurance, cleaning ladies, handyman etc.


We definitely recommend her to our friends and family.  Will definitely ring her when we are ready for our second dream home."

-Camille and Rae G.

"I haven't written a yelp review in a long time, but I thought it was time to give a well-deserved review. Not to have this be an epic novel but it's sort of a love-story of a review because this woman was seriously amazing.

Being a first-time home buyer there are things you worry about. Not knowing what you are getting into, not knowing the details, not knowing next steps, not knowing what you want, etc. When I started I didn't even have a referral for an agent or even mortgage loan consultant. I pretty much got her name from some woman at the bank that felt sorry that I didn't even have a clue as to an agent when I waltzed in inquiring about a home loan.

Best referral I've ever been given for anything! I realize I was lucky so I will place a disclaimer that getting a referral from someone you know (or Yelp) is far more recommended.

Being that this was my first time through this process, I didn't know what questions to ask her, what she could answer, what the expectations were, but by the end it was pretty much realized that she'll find the answer to any question you have if she herself doesn't know it. I think she heard me ask everything from 'What's APR stand for?' to 'Will my stilettos ruin this floor?' Never phased, she answered everything, encouraging me to come to her at any time and as often as I wanted with questions. She would ask the seller, escrow agent, design agent, 'punch-list' guy questions that I wouldn't even know to ask. There were times when these people would ask me questions and I would just shrug and look at her to answer like a 4-year old to their mother when asked what grade their in. She always had the answer and would explain to me what they were asking afterwards.

I found my home and had the keys in my hands in 6 weeks! I told this to a few homeowners and they said it was almost unheard of. She found me my brand new place on the first day I went out to see homes with her! Made an offer 24 hours after I decided to take a big-girl step in buying a home!

I told her what I was looking for and suggested 2 from her listing that I thought I might be interested in. She probably knew me better than I even knew myself because after stepping into the second home I had selected and thinking 'meh, this could work? maybe? I don't know - maybe I'm rushing into this.,' she says 'OK, so I want to show you a place- I'm pretty excited because I think you'll like it.' She tells me it's in South Beach/Financial district and I think, 'Ok, clearly she didn't hear my price point.'

No - she heard. She didn't just hear, she was listening. This was by far the most amazing place I think I could have ever imagined myself buying at this point in my life. It was the location I really only dreamed about, had the exact specification that I asked for and even had some I didn't even bother asking for, but she knew right from my immediate requirements what my tastes were. I don't think my father even knows my tastes that well and this was from just asking me questions a 20 minute conversation and seeing which of the listings stood out to me. With the price they offered at first, I took a sigh and she turned to me and whispers 'don't worry, we'll get this down so don't even worry about the price.' She was right. She negotiated for me, was aggressive, was on my side and in the end I had just purchased a brand new home in the one area of San Francisco I thought I could only afford with a career change. Oh by the way, new developments are her specialty and apparently there are different questions and concerns you'd be looking at so it was nice to have an expert.

She's the agent you wished was your best friend. She was dependable, honest, and reliable. She never dropped the ball once and I knew that when she said 'I'm taking care of it' she really meant it. So yay for me and my awesome agent. :)

This is sort of unrelated, but she happened to email me and that week my email signature had a link to a donation site I had created for a fundraising event I was doing. She made a generous donation to my cause and called to ask if I wanted help! Double brownie points, right? "

-Neelima D.

"Okay, where should I start? First off, hands down, Jacqui is the best! I think every first time home buyer has a story about there home buying experience, so here's mine...

We met Jacqui at an open house and we gave her our e-mail address so she can send us more listings. We were actually working with another agent that my co-worker recommended at the time and I wasn't too pleased with her. Knowing that we were first time home buyers she wasn't giving us the necessary guidance and information that we felt we needed being that we didn't know a single thing about buying a home. We decided to not use her and since we met Jacqui and she seemed pretty cool, we decided to ask her to take us around to look at some homes we were interested in.

She was awesome! Jacqui never once pushed us or convinced us to like a house (like they always do on HGTV). As soon as one of us said "we don't like it", she would always just say "okay let's go" and we'd move onto the next house. She always listened to what we had to say, and after a viewing a few homes, she knew what we liked and disliked. She always answered my twenty million questions, and never seemed annoyed (like my significant other does), and if she didn't know the answer, she'd always find out. After months of home searching, we finally found the perfect one!

As far as working with Jacqui, she was awesome! She's great at following up, and always returns my phone calls and e-mails within a half an hour. She is so easy to talk to and work with. I would definitely work with her in the future and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home! SHE'S AWESOME!!"

-Kat K.

"Working with Jacqui was great! She's professional, knowledgeable and most importantly works in your best interest. She made it a priority to ensure that we only saw units that fit my lifestyle and price range.

I met Jacqui at a career fair where we both representing our compaines. we chatted about the market and she offered to show me some places. Within a week we saw 4 new developments and at least 20 units! Jacqui was always on time and gave me the inside "scoop" of all the every development before we walked in. She definitely did her research in every area we went. Two weeks later, I ended up putting an offer in on a place.

One of the many awesome things about working with Jacqui is her negociation skills. She fights tooth and nail to get you the best deal possible with a strategy that includes your expectations and what you can get in the market.

I would recommend Jacqui to anyone (she's the best!), but even moreso if you're a first time homebuyer. She's patient and answered my millions of questions I had about the process. She also checks in regularly to make sure there aren't any outstanding questions or concerns.

There's a million more awesome things to say about Jacqui, but I wanted to make this review short and sweet. Bottomline - if you want an agent who's honest, reliable, a great negociator and super knowledge go with Jacqui - you will NOT be dissapointed.

Oh and about that offer i put in. I'll be getting the keys next week! ;)"


-Nate L.

"We would like to show our appreciation to Jacquelyn for her such the supportive, caring and sincere work towards our search to find a house to the best of our need and preferences that we can now call it our fist home in California.

She has been our agent since early 2008. By her consistent and continuous forwarding all the listed houses matching our search area and in her accompany we could visit almost 50 houses.

Finally we could find the best of our interest. She guided us through the offer process and walked with us through all the steps of finance and escrow application process.

She is really a very resourceful, energetic, hardworking, easy going and caring agent.

Now we are happy to say that we look at her not only as a realtor agent but as a younger relative and we are honored to be called as her Uncle and Aunt.

She would always remain as our dear niece and is always welcome to our home.

With our best wishes for Jacquelyn and her loved ones and with our many thanks to Prudential California to help us for this big step of our life."

-Soheila & Rassoul


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